Mombie Hack Monday: Stretch it out

Do you feel rickety and sore, with mornings where your body just won’t move like it used to? Or at the end of the day is your body hurting with desire for a massage? I feel this is relevant for all parents right now! Especially if you are now working from home and sitting a ton.

Stretching is so beneficial in setting your body in motion and feeling as though you can conquer anything. It may seem so hard to find time to stretch, but you can get it done by allowing yourself segments of stretch time throughout the day. You can even get your kids involved by stretching themselves.

Stretching not only allows you to limber up, but it also keeps your muscle pain levels down. It can decrease the need for massage by loosening muscle tightness through fluid movement. And it can help you to feel more alive and ready for your day.

You got this Mama! Go stretch it out!

Setup YOUR Success Sunday: Groceries

Let’s be real, not many of us actually want to go grocery shopping on our weekends (whether your weekend is traditional or in the middle of the week). But taking the time to plan out your food for the week can be really beneficial to a successful week.

I’ll be honest, I am not great at going shopping over the weekend. I usually have good intentions, but fun and family time get in the way. In addition our grocery store doesn’t get deliveries in on Sunday which limits food availability, especially in terms of fresh produce.

But, if you get your groceries in order before the week starts, you will limit your need to order or eat out. Our weeks can be exhausting, and our desire to shop will lesson as the week progresses. So if you are able, shopping during your weekend will set you and your family up for a successful food week.

If you absolutely can’t or won’t shop on your weekend, I have another suggestion. While shopping might not be in the cards, creating a list can be. I’m not asking you to be so organized that you plan out every meal because this doesn’t work for many. But simply creating a list of necessary groceries will help you prepare for a frantic Monday evening shopping trip. You won’t be driven by hunger and desperation, but a plan instead.

So today I encourage you to make a list, aim for nutrition, and get your general food plan in place. And if you can, execute that shopping list so your week days or nights home can be more focused on family, and less on getting things done.

Active Saturday: Let them ride

In my short time being a parents, almost 6 years now, I’ve come to the conclusion that children are made for the outdoors. Our kids cannot wait you get outside everyday, even if the weather is unforgiving and makes even the best of us want to remain indoors. And one of their favorite activities: riding bikes.

It’s not lost on me that we are blessed to be able to afford bikes for our children. And even our ability to have a place to play and ride outside is not available for all. Please know, if this isn’t an option for you, there will be other Active Saturday posts for you.

Riding bicycles helps children to not only be more active, but helps them to develop coordination. It also helps them to learn more awareness of what is happening around them. And dare I say it teaches them a little about responsibility? Remembering helmets, not dropping bikes on the ground, and putting the gear away at the end of the day, all engage children in becoming responsible for themselves and their belongings.

When the kids are outdoors riding their bikes they also get caught up in the activity, and stay active and keep moving longer. So if you have the opportunity, I highly encourage you to find the time to get your kids out and riding. They will love it!

Family Friday: Family Dinner

I highly recommend family dinners. If you think back to your childhood I’m sure you can recall several memories surrounding family meals. Are they good memories? Chances are, if it was a family dinner, it was a great memory.

There is something about tying our senses together that drives a good memory. The fragrant smells of our favorite meal, the sounds of conversation and laughter, the tastes of a delicious entree. Connecting a meal with time devoted to your loved ones can hold so much influence over creating positive memories.

I am not asking you to learn to cook. If you are not a chef, nobody is judging you here. Order that favorite item from your local restaurant, or chain. Make a bowl of Kraft Mac and Cheese. Get a pizza delivered. Whatever is on the menu tonight, embrace it.

Sit down with your family, devices not present, TV off, and have great conversations. Enjoy being present with your family. Have an amazing family meal!

Self-Care Thursday: Set the mood, for self care

Many of us struggle with finding the time to take care of ourselves in true, self-care form. We feel like we cannot take the time to do what makes us recharge and reconnect with our inner beings. Then, when we finally think we’ve carved out the time, we find we have to clean or prepare the space in which our self-care would take place.

Or perhaps you have the time, but the tasks to prepare for self-care seem daunting and not worth it. Maybe the desk you write at is covered in incomplete work documents and children’s school work. Or your bathtub has been bogged down and filled with unused beauty products, or worse, bath toys. And that cozy chair that used to be your reading spot is now the dumping ground for countless loads of clean laundry.

Even worse, if these spaces that speak to your inner need for self-care are mucked up with everyday life, they may not speak to you in the same way at all. Now, instead of being drawn in for a little relaxing downtime, you are instead revolted by the daunting task that lies ahead (insert hours of folding laundry here). That inner you that wants so badly to be taken care of will seek to stay hidden because the added tole of more tasks is not worth it.

So, starting today, I encourage you to find a system, a way to keep your self-care space looking like a zen den instead of a dumping ground. Set up your space to ignite the lover of self-care within you. Motivate yourself with visually appealing cues to allow yourself a little more self-care downtime.

Go make your space! Then get to logging those self-care hours.

Work It Wednesday: Fresh perspectives with fresh air

Sometimes we can get pulled into the mundane when every day feels like a song on repeat. We can lose our motivation and creativity with such feelings, because we have fallen into the same pattern and practice.

Something I’ve found that can really ignite a fire and invigorate motivation is by taking time to simply get outside and enjoy a change in scenery. By being outdoors you also get fresh air, which allows a better quality of oxygen to be delivered to your brain and throughout your body. You know those oxygen bars people pay for to gain more focus and feel better? You can get the same effect by stepping outside and taking time!

Additionally, your view on life changes when moving from indoors to outdoors. You can observe plants growing, kids playing, animals frolicking. The wind might blow through your hair and lift your spirits. You may suddenly have a great new idea to invigorate your week and direct your thoughts back to your goals.

Get outside my friend. Breathe in some fresh air. Enjoy the scenery. Then go get those goals! You’ve got this!

Daddy Takeover Tuesday: Downtime with your significant other

My hubby is a BIG advocate for taking time each day with your significant other. He also believes in the importance of date nights and taking trips without the children. So today we focus on recharging yourself by taking downtime with your spouse or significant other.

Dads and moms out there, this message is for both of you. It is important to take time to enjoy the company of the person you choose to be with. To connect and find joy with that person. It allows you to feel loved, and to show the love you have for him or her.

Human connections are so important, and taking time to foster your relationship is imperative to its success and wellbeing. This reminder is not meant for just romantic relationships either. There are many parents out there going at this thing alone. For these parents it’s so important to take time to connect with those in your wheelhouse, such as a good friend or family member.

At the end of our days sometimes we can feel so exhausted and warn down by all our children need and the responsibilities that demand our attention. It can feel overwhelming to take time to give to someone else. But remember, you aren’t just giving, you are receiving. That person is there for you too! You are in this together, and it’s okay to lean on each other.

If you haven’t taken time to spend with your person recently I encourage you to start today. It doesn’t need to be big. Simply sit and talk with one another, or watch a TV show together. Just be present.

Mombie Hack Monday: Make your bed

I learned from a friend a few months ago the power of making your bed every morning. So I started doing it to see how it would actually hold up against other essentials in my morning routine. Turns out, it’s now close to the top of my priorities.

Mama, here’s the thing, If you are wanting to feel put together, or like you’ve got your life together (same difference right?), you have got to make your bed! This simple and quick task can make you feel instantly accomplished, and give you motivation to keep checking things off your busy mom to-do list.

Every time you come back to your room you can be reminded of your accomplishment. It reminds you that you got up and ready for your day with full intention of crushing your goals. It also will give you a sense of peace because you have a zen resting place that is ready to comfort you when bedtime nears. And it counts as self-care because it was something meant for you and not your children.

So this week, get up and make your bed! Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Setup YOUR Success Sunday: Set those goals!

Have you been day dreaming of success in your life that just doesn’t seem possible? A desire to get things done and come out of the week feeling accomplished is something we all want. And it can all start with goal setting.

What is your goal this week? Go on…say it out loud. Now write it down and post it where you can see it.

Your goal, or goals, can be big or small. I’m talking, go to the grocery store, or make a million dollars. As long as the goal is achievable, which is the key to successfully completing it, it is relevant and important.

In order to be successful you have to create a goal so you can determine what to accomplish. Think of a goal as a destination on a roadmap. Without the destination you cannot plan out the route in which you need to take. So in essence, in order to create your plan for the week, you must first come up with an achievable goal or goals.

Goals also help drive and motivate us. You can look at this goal (or goals) daily to determine what you need to address and change to succeed. Being goal driven can be quite powerful! I highly encourage you, if you do not already, to start making weekly goals on Sundays. It may just be the tipping point in your success.

And for all of you parents thinking: but what if something comes up and I can’t accomplish my goals? It’s okay! You allow yourself the grace you need to modify, because things can come up. But just because your goal may be delayed doesn’t mean you give up on it completely. Your timeline just changes.

You got this! Go crush those goals!

Active Saturday: Play Outside!

Running out of ideas to get your family moving? Think simple, think outdoors. As we are now in Spring and the days are getting longer, one of the best things you can do to promote your family’s health and encourage activity is to get outside.

Simply by going outside you activate movement and shut off the devices that keep us glued to the chair. The fresh air is good for your body as well.

Children get excited about going outside and immediately get moving. They can ride bikes, scooters, push toys. They can run around and play tag or hide-and-seek.

And going outside shouldn’t just get your kids moving, but you too. Play games with your kids. Toss the ball. Or simply walk back and forth while they play. Think of outside time as active time, and get moving.

This Saturday I hope you and your family get outside, and start making it a part of your routine.