How will we ever learn to manage these new, more challenging than ever before, times?

I have always been one to take on many tasks. Always moving, always doing. The more the challenge, the more satisfying. Balancing, coordinating, and challenging myself has always been my way.

I think I have finally met my match though, in this “new normal” and in motherhood. The one challenge that has me trying to find ways to do less, because I can’t keep up. Balancing and coordinating cannot achieve what is necessary this time. Less would feel like so much more.

Each individual component is not necessarily overwhelming. I can care for our three young children while my husband is at work. I can work from home and complete my tasks. I can help our oldest son with his first-grade learning from home activities. I can keep up on my side hustles that demand my presence on social media. I can help our three-year old with her much needed potty-training tasks. I can keep up with chores and have a semblance of a managed home. But…I cannot do all these things, or even some of these things, with any real success.

And, as we all know, the opposite of success is failure. Something I do not manage well. Something many moms do not manage well. I feel like I am drowning almost all the time. Even if I have someone to help with the kids, I still can’t balance it all, because all three kids cannot be managed, with their different necessities, at the same time.

I’ve found myself crying more often. Much more often. More than I have ever cried before. Even more than the tears I shed during the holiday season, watching Hallmark movies that are predictable, but heartfelt and touching. What makes it more difficult is all the tears are sad tears. Frustrated tears. Defeated tears. No happy tears this time.

What’s more challenging, is it seems I am in this niche that is not all parents, or all moms, but rather a much smaller group. See, not all moms have three children. Not all families need both parents to work full time. Not all situations have a demanding job that requires availability and flexibility all day every day. Not all moms are trying to manage preschool aged children and school-aged children at the same time. And yet, not all children need a parent to be sitting with them, following along, and redirecting every moment of their learning experience.

Yet, I am not alone. I am so far from alone. And I do not need to feel alone. Because, you know what isn’t unique about my situation? What isn’t unique, is that it is unique.

You see, we all have quite different situations from one another. And, if we spend time dwelling on this, we will feel more alone than ever before. Instead, I do believe we should all focus on the aspects in which our unique perspectives can bring us together. I can support other moms who are trying to balance work and children. I can encourage others experiencing the pull of work while trying to help your child succeed while learning from home. I can recognize the exhaustion of crying, because it all feels too overwhelming to manage. And there are many other moms out there who can absolutely relate to these challenges, emotions, and blessings.

Blessings? Well yes! I have been forgetting lately my strong desire to be with my children more. Now I get to be. I have also been forgetting how incredibly empowering it is to need to be present with my son while he attempts to learn, rather than letting myself be pulled a thousand different directions.

You see, we can all relate to one another in some way. We are all struggling through this. Many of us likely feel like we are drowning every day, with so much uncertainty in whether we will make it through. And we are all getting to experience special moments that we wouldn’t be blessed with in any other situation than our own “new normal”.

Mama, you have got this! You will make it through. And if you need to cry (many, many times throughout the day) then so be it. It will make us stronger, better, and lead us to the mama and the person we truly are meant to be.

Work it Wednesday: Unplug

My readers, have you unplugged recently? Have you done something just for you so you can be a better you after you have? If not, I encourage you to.

Also, this is a preface into what to expect the next four days from me. My husband and I celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary on Friday, so we are headed back to where we said our vows. Vegas Baby!

We are completely child free. Wish us luck! Or better yet, my mom luck. Baby B hasn’t been away from us for a night since he was born, and now it’ll be three full nights. Much overdue, but with COVID it has been hard. And this time, instead of excitement, the other two had tears. I suppose we have grown closer since we’ve all been with each other non-stop.

But, time as just a couple has been much needed, and is going to be much appreciated.

Alas, if you do not see posts from me, or have anything new to read until next week, it is because I’m disconnecting and enjoying being in the present.

Thank you all!

Work it Wednesday: Choosing to grow together

This Work it Wednesday, I am choosing to focus on a growth mindset. I have big dreams, and I want so badly to achieve them. And likewise, I want to help others in achieving their goals. I want to help you!

If you are reading this on my blog, I’d love for you to comment. If you are following me on social, post your comments there. I want to know, what are you doing? How are you choosing to grow? And how can I and my readers help?

This Work it Wednesday I’m also asking for a bit of help in my growth. I would love for you, my reader, to subscribe to my blog. Even share my blog if you love what I write. I am working on growing my following and creating something that is so important to me.

Together we can achieve greatness! So let’s come together and support one another.

P.S. – If you don’t share, then I cannot offer support. So please, share your desires and goals for growth! And you never know who else might be reading and ready to support you too!

Work it Wednesday: Believe in the journey – an homage to the barre

Tomorrow I complete an eight week program. A program that has transformed me in a way I didn’t think possible, especially in just two short months.

What program could have this much impact? Well, as silly as it may sound, a fitness program.

But this fitness program is far more than just exercise. This Barre Blend class was designed to inspire people to meditate, reflect, believe in themselves, and use this platform as a launching point to strengthen their entire lives, not just their physical beings.

In 8 weeks, no two days were the same. The program kept building and up leveling. And I got to watch the women on the video grow, just as I was growing.

And, amidst all of the personal self-development, there was physical change to be had as well. While my goal was not to lose weight, I did shed a few pounds. I also developed core strength, balance, and a belief in my body’s ability I had lost.

This fitness program was a blessing in disguise. But, it didn’t stop with the program. My lovely Beachbody coach introduced me to a Facebook group she runs with another like-minded coach. There were daily check ins and motivational posts. This place, this extra accountability, made all the difference in the world.

I am sad for the program to end tomorrow. Much like the feeling I get when coming to the end of a good book. But, it truly doesn’t stop here. I get to pick a new program, I’m thinking a yoga retreat option, then a return to another round of Barre Blend. Why? Because I have some more growing to do, some shaping and strengthening to achieve, and some more inner work to empower my external world.

This Work it Wednesday, I encourage you to find something that will allow consistency and development in your life. It doesn’t have to be a fitness program, though if it is, let me know. I can connect you with my wonderfully loving coach who believes in wellness and personal development in such a powerful way.

You’ve got this! Go get it!

Work it Wednesday: Inspiration and Motivation

Have you ever used affirmations to enrich your daily life? What about motivational sayings or inspirational quotes?

Let’s be honest, sometimes we can all use an extra boost and inspiration, whether it be in our parenting lives or otherwise. If you’ve been following along with me, I am currently working on not raising my voice with my children. It has been a challenge lately, and it’s time I re-focus my energy and improve.

So it is perfect timing that I have finally created and printed new products to provide my readers! I now have Parenting Affirmation Cards and Parenting Inspiration Greeting Cards, available here on my blog under Products. I am so excited to share these with parents, and because it is Work It Wednesday, it is time to get past the fear and share!

Additionally, with taking this leap, I was able to encourage a wonderful friend of mine to do the same. She has been talking about creating her Sassfirmations – yes, Sassy Affirmations, for over a year now. And I’m so glad she’s finally taken the leap! She is a spunky mama, with so much inspiration and drive. If you like a little sass in your motivation, and don’t mind a little cussing, I highly recommend checking out the pack she has to offer as well.

So what are you doing to get inspired this Work it Wednesday? I invite you to get inspired through Affirmations. To try it out for a month. I know you won’t regret this positive change in your life.

Work it Wednesday: Controlling the snap response

This Work it Wednesday is all about parenting. Kids benefit, and parents benefit. Really, a win-win situation, if done right.

I’ll be honest, it’s a great day if I can count on two hand how many times I raise my voice or snap at my kids. And it’s a really great day if I can count the number of occurrences on only one hand. But, honesty again, I haven’t had one of those days in a while.

I have all the excuses. All the reasons why I react the way I do. Simply put, parenting is tough. It doesn’t matter how many kids you have, or how much you have going on in life outside the kids. It is tough no matter what.

But, on this Work it Wednesday I am making a conscious choice to do better. And I will work on it every day until it becomes a habit. Communication is so very important, and how we talk to our children is everything to them. They deserve the same respect we expect, which means no yelling from either party.

I need to stay motivated and reminded of my commitment. This is important, and not just for today. I recently developed affirmation cards for parents, available here on my blog site, and they arrived yesterday! I am going to sort through a stack and hang up the most relevant on my bathroom mirror as reminders, and as a guide for my internal dialogue. It is amazing what a simple “I” statement can do to drive positive changes. And I am excited to set this in motion.

So who’s with me this Work it Wednesday? Do you need to stop raising your voice as well? Or do you have another parenting action you would like to tweak? I’m here with you! We can do this together.

Work It Wednesday: Powering through the week

Have you ever felt like you needed to power through the week to get to the weekend?

This can be a common feeling, especially if there are plans we look forward to on the weekend. When this occurs, we tend to start off our week strong. And Wednesday can be our momentum we need to keep it going.

This weekend our family will be headed out of town to see some family. Social distancing in place, we will be camping and enjoying company outdoors. Due to our time needed for travel and accounting for traffic, my husband will be taking Friday off work and we will start our weekend Friday morning. With this, we need even more momentum to complete all the things needed to get done in our week.

I encourage you to remember that Wednesday is a great day! It symbolizes the half-way point through the traditional week, and should serve as an accelerator to get all your tasks done so you can enjoy the weekend.

So tell me, what are you powering through today so you can enjoy your family more on the weekend?

Work it Wednesday: Let’s do a cleanse

Have you ever done a cleanse before? Diet or otherwise?

I have given myself cleansing moments before. Some cleansing comes from skincare products or services, like a facial. Some cleansing comes in the form of a good de-clutter and home cleanse. Then there are dietary cleanses…

Dietary cleanses have always seemed so terrifying to me. I don’t like to purge or feel so very hungry. I haven’t ever completed a juice cleanse. And a cleanse prescribed by a nutritionist always seemed too difficult and too daunting. The closest I have gotten was through cutting sugar and eating whole foods, or fasting for short periods of time. But I’ve never jumped into a cleanse because I was absolutely certain I could not do it, or it would be like another crash diet.

Well, things are changing here. I have a good friend who is a nutritionist, and we have talked about a safe and healthy cleanse off and on for about six months now. Last week, just days after our youngest child stopped breastfeeding, my husband and I had a conversation and took time to learn more about this cleanse my friend has been telling me about. And, because of the benefits, we chose to take this big leap in our nutritional status.

Why a cleanse? Well, it is a detoxification for the body and the gut. It clears everything out of the system, slowly and safely, and resets the body. Hormonal levels will stabilize, as well as other biochemical components. Digestive health is quite important, and needs to be given care regularly, but through a cleanse we can give the gut a deep-clean. In the end we should feel energized, have vitality, and hopefully lose any remaining weight we are hanging on to unnecessarily.

I wouldn’t do this without the guidance of a nutritionist, or someone who is familiar with nutritional needs and health and wellness. But then, I have a friend who is so nutritionally savvy and has all my trust. And, with my degree in nursing, I chose to listen to the benefits and trust in this process.

Of course, our items arrived yesterday, which was much earlier than I had anticipated, or hoped. I mentioned to my husband that I might need a few days to mentally prepare for this, and maybe eat some pizza. My husband, however, was ready. Dedicated, and ready! After all, it’s just 30 days, and not a lot will change, aside from some of our meals and our official cleanse days.

So today, on Work it Wednesday, we started this 30 day cleanse. I can’t promise I’ll be in the best of mood the next couple days as my body adjusts. But today I am doing well, and actually feel like I have more energy with less coffee. I am excited to share the results as we reach the end of this journey a month from now. Personally, I hope for clear skin, much less pain and headaches, a happier gut, more energy, and possibly less of a mom-pooch.

While a dietary cleanse is a big commitment, and not for everyone, a cleanse of some sort is always possible. So what will you do today to cleanse yourself? Will it be a good, deep-clean of a room in your home? Will it be a detoxifying bubble bath? A social media and screen time cleanse? Or a nice deep-cleansing scrub or face mask? Whatever it might be, make sure it is beneficial to you, and something that will propel you forward. You got this!

Work It Wednesday: Clean those bathrooms

Sometimes we have to get up and do the things we don’t want to do. You know what I’m talking about. The gross, dirty tasks we have been putting off for too long.

No, I’m not talking about changing diapers, though that needs to get done too. I’m talking about cleaning the bathrooms.

If you are like me, you would rather do almost anything other than cleaning the bathrooms. Because of this you end up waiting way too long, leaving yourself with an even more daunting task. The problem is, too much procrastination can leave us all feeling uncomfortable in our dirty bathrooms, when we are supposed to feel clean and fresh.

So today, get started. Don’t put it off any longer. You know you will feel good once it’s all done (and you’ve taken a shower after the chore is complete). You got this!

Work it Wednesday: Mix it up

Let’s face it, the monotony is driving the kids crazy. And, likewise, the parents. The same exact routine day after day is bringing us all down.

So today, on Work it Wednesday, we mixed it up! Not for the benefit of the parents, but to help the kids out with their motivation and excitement. Today I let the kids stay in their jammies until mid morning. I let our daughter play in the shower for over 20 minutes, making her day! And this afternoon we built LEGO sets, and train tracks, and played downstairs with all of it so we didn’t have to clean up the existing toy mess in our playroom first.

Sometimes our kids need a little motivation and inspiration. So today I encourage you to think of how you can do this with your kiddo(s). Just a simple change or mix up in pattern to ignite excitement and a feeling of self-worth.

Let your kiddos know they’ve got this! Because they do.