Work it Wednesday: A setback is only a temporary obstacle

How are you all doing? If you follow me, you might have noticed I haven’t made any blog posts since Friday. Well, I experienced a minor setback in the form of a horrible stomach bug.

I was so weak, miserable, and tired. I couldn’t manage to write, browse social media, or much anything else. So, there were four days of missing posts. But it is not time to give up, it’s only time to start again.

Who else has experienced a setback? It’s okay! There is no time like the present to get started again. And today I’m here to cheer you on!

It can be with anything. Have you backed off of the art projects with your kids? Or temporarily stopped going for family walks? What about that baby book you started and never completed? Or do you have big dreams too scary to share? No matter what it is, you can get back on track. Let’s do this!

Work It Wednesday: Live through your intentions

We all have intentions, whether simple or complex. We can have intentions meant for a single activity or intentions focused on long term achievement. Today I encourage you to live through your intentions.

What are intentions? These are things we plan to do, and ways we plan to do them. They are thoughts that provoke an attitude or behavior.

I have an intention to be healthy, and get more fit, so to live through this intention I have been getting up every day and exercising. For me it is important to remind myself of this every morning, because otherwise I will choose to skip my workout.

I also have intentions in my daily life I am not so great at sticking to because the stresses in life sometimes get to me. I have intentions to be more present with our kids, but there are days I cannot be as present as I wish. Some days I am not present for my children at all, juggling workloads and household responsibilities. Despite missing the mark though, it doesn’t mean I give up.

To live through your intentions doesn’t mean you need to be perfect. You don’t have to get it right every time. It is okay if you have moments you don’t feel successful. But what is truly success is to keep trying, and keep moving forward.

By setting intentions we put positivity out into our world. When we present ourselves with our intentions we remind ourselves what we are capable of. We work toward a better version of our already great selves.

On this Work It Wednesday I encourage you to think of what intentions you have, and to live through them. Set forth in your day, week, or life with good intentions and you will do great things!

Work it Wednesday: Get up early

Okay, this is a do as I say, not as I do moment. Because truthfully, I’m not good at waking up early so I can take care of myself before the kids. Perhaps it is because our kids are early risers, or because I’ve never been a morning person.

If you are able to start your day before your children start theirs, you can start the day feeling refreshed and accomplished. Even if it only happens on Wednesday, it will still be a moment of accomplishment and success. Because, truly, who doesn’t appreciate a nice long shower without an audience? Or time to meditate or do something for you without yelling and screaming in the background?

Today I got up early. Partially because I needed to physically go to work today, and partly for me. I started my morning with yoga. It was fantastic!

Try taking some morning time to yourself. Even if only once a week. Enjoy a little time and start fresh so you can be a better you!

Work it Wednesday: Finding my words

If you haven’t gathered already, Wednesdays serve as my start days. Or rather, my get my bottom in gear days, as I realize the week is dissipating with still so much to do.

This week, and really even last week, have been a struggle for me. I am finding doubt and sadness rather than inspiration and positivity. For this I know I am not alone. But I know I must keep moving forward.

Sometimes moving forward doesn’t follow a straight line. This is something we tend to forget, thinking the path that is laid out is the only one. This is not true. The only real failure is stopping completely (aside from being present that is) when you are on a journey toward a goal.

For me, this meant switching gears in my writing today. Currently I am working on writing a book about parenting, but for a week and a half I have felt stuck and uninspired. So today, instead of spending another day staring at my scattered thoughts of a partially written book, I opened a new document. I started writing a fictional story.

Mixing it up, getting creative, and seeing things from a different perspective, can change everything. If could mean that your successes far exceed what you previously imagined. It is okay to try a new path. It is okay to restructure your goals. It is okay to improvise. And it is okay to pause and choose to be present, to listen to the world around you, and move forward thoughtfully.

If you are needing a new direction today, or at least an evaluation of the path you are on, I encourage you to do so. It is important to connect with your soul, or your inner voice, and listen. Stay true to yourself, be kind, and the rest will fall into place.

Work it Wednesday: Organizing kid closets

Kid closets…well, they can be a challenge. But with a little organization they can be well functioning hiding places.

Let’s face it though, they don’t stay organized. So as parents it is our task to reorganize at least a couple times a year. I recommend reorganizing the children’s closets when they outgrow their clothing. This is a perfect time to clean out all the old (clothing and toys) and bring in the new to be placed in an orderly fashion.

This past week we were blessed with hand-me-down clothing for our two youngest kiddos. So naturally, I got to work. I pulled out all the clothing that was still hanging around, just too small. Sorted all the new clothing, and recreated the organization within the closets. Better function is key!

Once the kid closets are organized, putting things away becomes a cinch. If you haven’t organized yet, I highly recommend it!

P.S. – For those of you looking for the next level of organization, I recommend clothing separated by type. Just as you would put specific types of clothes into drawers of a dresser, you can do the same in a closet. Hang dresses with dresses, skirts with skirts, short sleeve shirts with short sleeve shirts, and long sleeve shirts with long sleeve shirts. I like to have some sort of section marker as well for visual separation.

Work it Wednesday: A perfect start

Wednesday, to me, is what Monday should be. But Monday is wrought with expectation and full of sadness over loss of the weekend. For many, Monday is a disappointment, not a new beginning or fresh start. Yet, we give such power to Monday in hopes of starting new habits with the start of the week.

If you are not a person that enjoys Monday, don’t make it your day for starting anew. If you do this, you aren’t setting yourself up for success because your motivation is already lacking in the day you least enjoy. Instead, make another day your start day. For this, I recommend Wednesday.

Wednesday gets us past the start of another hard week, and allows us to acknowledge what we have accomplished as well as what we would still like to accomplish. We have gotten back into the routine of the week, and, at this point, can add a new implementation into our routine.

Wednesday is a good day to start! Make it the day you choose to start doing and begin succeeding. Remember, just because you didn’t begin on Monday doesn’t mean can’t begin today. Today is always a good day to start. And if you must start with a specific day, start with Wednesday.

Work It Wednesday: Ask for help

Okay, let’s be honest. One of our biggest obstacles to success is simply having the help we need. Truth is, we all avoid it: asking for help. But why?

Are we a glutton for punishment? Are we too proud? Could we actually be self sabotaging?

Here’s the thing…Regardless of our goals, we could use a little extra help.

Is your goal not to get frustrated with your child this week? Asking for help in watching your kiddo for a bit (or even an entire day), so you can care for only yourself, can have a big impact on your mood and the ability to control your responses when around your child.

Is your goal to complete all your work week tasks, and get the house clean? You have got this! Ask for help watching the kids, or help in getting things checked off your list. If a goal is to tend to the suddenly massive weeds in your flower beds, chances are there’s a teenager near by that would be happy to take on the task for a few extra bucks.

What about your goal to diversify your child through social interactions and different life exposures? Well…they will only really experience this by actually diversifying their interactions. So drop them off with a willing friend or relative and take some time to relax!

Reach out for help this week. Whatever your goals may be for the week, big or small, help is always helpful. Really! So go ask for help.

Photo credit: Ashley Hogue at Avalynn Christopher Photography

Work it Wednesday: The suddenly homeschool teacher-parent

Let’s be honest, there’s a reason many of us don’t choose to homeschool our children. Teaching our own is hard! I mean, so hard! The tantrums, the whining, the “I can’t do this” and “it’s too hard” statements, all get to us. And let’s face it, these reactions can put a damper on the parent-child relationship.

But, when tough times ask us to put in our best, we rise to the occasion. And right now that means homeschooling for many of us.

I can say I’m thankful this is just a season, because working from home while managing education for one and also caring for a three and one-year-old is a bit of a challenge, to say the least. I am grateful my husband gets home from work at 3pm, but some days I catch myself watching the clock, just counting down the minutes. And really, I am truly grateful! Because many are not so lucky. And many are without jobs.

What does this all have to do with Work it Wednesday you ask? Well, let me tell you. Today it’s all about giving yourself grace, and with that, allowing yourself to restart today. Brush off the beginning of the week; it’s over now. And good riddance! Now is your time to shine as the homeschool teacher you never thought you’d be. Also, know that you can restart EVERY day if need be. That’s what the sunrise of a new day is for after all.

Know that this season is only here for a little while (though I am aware we don’t know how long that little while will actually be). Cherish the little moments and successes, and give yourself the grace to let go of the not-so-successful moments.

P.S. – This week is Teacher’s week. So…pat yourself on the back! You’ve got this! And give your kid’s teacher a virtual hug for helping you and for trying their best to bring school to your home. It’s been a trying time, but we will prevail!

Work It Wednesday: Fresh perspectives with fresh air

Sometimes we can get pulled into the mundane when every day feels like a song on repeat. We can lose our motivation and creativity with such feelings, because we have fallen into the same pattern and practice.

Something I’ve found that can really ignite a fire and invigorate motivation is by taking time to simply get outside and enjoy a change in scenery. By being outdoors you also get fresh air, which allows a better quality of oxygen to be delivered to your brain and throughout your body. You know those oxygen bars people pay for to gain more focus and feel better? You can get the same effect by stepping outside and taking time!

Additionally, your view on life changes when moving from indoors to outdoors. You can observe plants growing, kids playing, animals frolicking. The wind might blow through your hair and lift your spirits. You may suddenly have a great new idea to invigorate your week and direct your thoughts back to your goals.

Get outside my friend. Breathe in some fresh air. Enjoy the scenery. Then go get those goals! You’ve got this!

Work It Wednesday: Podcast Inspiration

Having trouble getting motivated this week? Think this is just not the time, I’ll just start next week?

Perhaps your kids have your days overwhelmed with education, play, diaper changes, and snack, after snack, after snack. Or maybe you are saturated by your day job, leaving no motivation for that extra task you want to tackle. Maybe a side hustle, a home organization project, starting your own business, a college course, or getting through the laundry…again. Sometimes the days are eaten away, and by the time the kids go to bed you are exhausted and wandering where the day went.

It can be a challenge to find motivation, especially when you see Wednesday as the day that marks a week half gone. You got this! You just need some inspiration.

Something that grabs me and pushes me into gear is listening to a Podcast. I have different Podcasts depending on the motivation I need. Since I’ve been spending a lot of time on innovation in nursing education lately, I’ve been listening to a new Podcast for nurses called See You Now. Also among my library is How I Built This, and The Woven Story. And I’m always looking to expand my list.

Whatever you are looking for, there is sure to be a Podcast to get you pumped up! Find one today, and take time to listen while caring for your kiddos, doing chores, or getting ready for your day. You won’t regret it!