Mombie Hack Monday: Shower Mama, Shower!

How many moms out there, stay-at-home or working, skip a shower here and there because of their kids? Don’t be afraid to raise your hand, because you are not alone!

As moms we tend to put ourselves on the back burner. And many times, this means sacrificing things like a daily shower, because that extra ten minutes of sleep, or the forgotten homework, or the screaming baby, took us away from the time that was supposed to be for a shower. That’s not even mentioning the showers skipped because of the lack of privacy.

Ever set your alarm so you could shower in peace, only to have your kids wake up BEFORE your alarm? Ever skip your shower because it otherwise means you have an audience, or better yet an entourage in the shower with you? Ever think the weekend means your hubby will know to watch the kids so you can shower alone, but don’t tell him, and discover he can’t read your mind when it doesn’t happen?

Mama! Stop! You need a shower so you don’t look like a Zombie, or a hot mess! Get in that shower. Even if you have an audience. Even if you are tripping over bath toys and children. You will feel so much better if you are showered and clean. And you will look and smell better too!

P.S. – This weekend, TELL your husband (yes, out loud so he hears you) that you would like a day to shower in peace. Alone. Heck, make it a Saturday routine! You got this Mama!

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