Family Friday: When frustration sets in – recenter

Do you ever have weeks that just knock you down a little each day? And when Friday hits you suddenly realize you are snapping at your kids because they asked for something simple, like a glass of water?

This was the truth in our home this week. Usually it is either my husband or me, as if we take invisible turns with rationale and frustration. But this week has gotten to us both. At dinner I felt us both getting frustrated for no reason. And when our oldest turned to me and asked, “Why does Dad always say no?” I realized we needed to switch course immediately.

Thankfully me and my husband are comfortable with pointing out our pain points. We have created a safe zone where we can call each other out so we can immediately recollect ourselves and move forward better. I pulled my husband aside and told him we were both being too short with the kids and saying no without actual reason. And together we redirected our course to better behavior.

If you experience hard days, or worse, hard weeks, I encourage you to find a way to give yourself grace and find ways to recenter your attitude to a more positive one. Likely your children aren’t being as difficult as it feels they are. Perhaps they are just being curious kids.

Give yourself grace. Give your kids grace. And choose a more positive note to end your day with. You’ve got this!

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