Self-Care Thursday: Oil it up – a review of Young Living items

A self-care activity that is quick and easy, and something I do almost daily, is to use products that help me relax and relieve stress. I am talking about using essential oils.

Essential oils are an integral part of my routine because I live with chronic pain, including pain in my muscles and chronic headaches and migraines. I found years ago that the best way to manage these conditions is through natural products and practices rather than taking medications.

I typically buy my essential oils from a local company, as well as through epsom salt bath products from the grocery store. But recently a friend and I connected and talked about Young Living essential oils.

Anh (pronounced “On”) also believes in the use of essential oils and is a Mama kicking butt to grow her own business and take care of her family. Her belief in the products and the company convinced me to try them out, with a bonus of supporting a friend in her business venture. So I signed up as a rewards member, which essentially gets me discounts and would allow me to build a business as well if I wanted (though the discount is what I’m here for).

Honestly, my Basic Starter Kit arrived a few weeks ago, not long after I placed the order. It sat there in the box, because I was saving it for a special day (a self-care Thursday). But today I chose to finally open it, and now I’m not sure why I waited.

The essential oil mix in this pack is exactly what I needed today, Stress Away. What a great way to embrace Self-Care Thursday! The smell is fabulous. Aromatic without being overpowering, and continually calming me with the scent lifting me up during each breath I take. There are other products included too! There are essential oil infused mints, energy boosters, and a hand sanitizer. This pack is awesome!

If you don’t currently use essential oils, I highly recommend you do! And if you don’t have an oil lady, I recommend you reach out to my friend Anh. You can find her information in the comments of my post for today on my Facebook business page: The Parenting Roller Coaster.

Go get your oil on and start relaxing!

Note: I was not given product, nor was I paid to review these items.

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